'On the Steps of Anna's House'

Jonathan Hyde Photography 2011



Triangulation is a collaborative performance piece which encompasses the interactions between sound, movement and text, navigating through spatiality and temporality of form. The conceptual framework of the piece is based upon the triangle, the shape signifies our tripartite collaboration, (Anna the poet, Caroline the composer and Arabella the choreographer), and consists of 3 movements Isosceles, Scalene and Equilateral. The piece will be performed principally by the 3 collaborators and generators of the work, and accompanied by 6 musicians and 3 speakers located in a spatial arrangement to create a surround sound experience. Triangulation aims to examine the boundaries between the performer and the audience, and to blur the boundaries between music, dance, poetry and art.

It has since been adapted for film, this is to be released later in 2012.


In 2010, Philip Selway of Radiohead asked me to join his musical project: touring his debut solo album ‘Familial’. I play keyboards, alto flute and sing backing vocals. We have played a couple of dates in Japan and a number of shows in Europe. In 2011, Bella Union released Philip Selway’s EP ‘Running Blind’ which I perform on.

Here is the track listing:

1) Running Blind

2) All In All

3) Every Spit And Cough

4) What Goes Around


In 2005, I began to work with Natasha Khan on her project Bat For Lashes. I played keyboards, guitar, autoharp, percussion, and sung backing vocals. I performed on her debut album Fur & Gold, released in 2006 on the Echo Label/Parlophone.

Here is the track listing:
1) Horse and I
2) Trophy
3) Tahiti
4) What’s a Girl to do?
5) Sad Eyes
6) The Wizard
7) Prescilla
8) Bat’s Mouth
9) Seal Jubilee
10) Sarah
11) I Saw a Light

I also performed on Bat For Lashes’ 2nd album Two Suns, released on the Echo Label/Parlophone in 2009.

Here is the track listing:
1) Glass
2) Sleep Alone
3) Moon and Moon
4) Daniel
5) Peace of Mind
6) Siren Song
7) Pearl’s Dream
8) Good Love
9) Two Planets
10) Travelling Woman
11) The Big Sleep



For the last ten years I have been part of a collaborative music and visual art project with Alice Eldridge, Rebecca Waterworth and Quinta. We collaboratively compose and curate performances for various site-specific events which include a performance at the National Portrait Gallery, and a live film soundtrack at the Roundhouse. We are currently working on our debut album which is set to be released this Winter 2013.



In 2011 I performed on Mechanical Bride’s debut album ‘Living With Ants’ released on Transgressive Records. I also joined her on tour and performed across the UK and Europe.

Here is the track listing:
1) Magpie
2) Young Gold
3) Colour Of Fire
4) Peach Wolves
5) By Night
6) Lakes
7) To The Fight
8) Walk Into The Forest
9) Demons
10) Boom! (Shine A Light)